Unfinished Pixel is an indie studio located in Barcelona, formed by a group of developers with years of experience that, after working in several projects at Ubisoft, decided to follow their own way.

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Our Games

Spy Chameleon

A challenging arcade stealth puzzle game perfect to spend a few minutes completing some levels

Super Volley Blast

A beach volley arcade casual game for all ages, to play with family and friends

Super Tennis Blast

A sports game for tennis fans, made by arcade fans!

Dev Blog

Serving up arcade fun with Super Tennis Blast!

Coming today to PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam! [Barcelona, 24th May] Remember old-school sports games? Arcade sports games meant…

Prepare your hot shots for Super Tennis Blast on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

Game, set, match! Ready to have a blast next 24th? [Barcelona, 8th May] Bring some pizza, call your friends and prepare…

Super Volley Blast coming to Switch on July 12th!

Gather your friends and play some volley at the Barcelona beach! It’s summer, time to enjoy the sun and discover awesome…

Today I play Spy Chameleon for the 1st time! The mission is simple, be sneaky! Will I be able to and catch Jenny Henn with her secret lover paparazzi style? Find out in today's color changing episode of #SpyChameleon. @UnfinishedPixel


Who remembers Beach Volley by Ocean for #Commodore Amiga?

The soundtrack rocks! 😎

#ThrowbackThursday | #Retrogaming

10 Couch Co-Op Games for 2019:

>Okinawa Rush
>Dunk Lords
>9 Monkeys of Shaolin
>Blazing Chrome
>Brief Battles
>Moving Out
>Wave Break
>Fling to Finish

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The stars have awaken. Reply to this tweet within the next hour to get a reading.

Prophecies and predictions are important in our upcoming game, GROTTO

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