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    Arcade sports games to play with friends

    29 October, 2019

29 October, 2019

Arcade sports games to play with friends

Friday’s afternoon. You’ve been waiting this moment the whole week, and you want it with the best company. You open the drawer and look for your objective: a piece of plastic for unfamiliar eyes, a portal to worlds of pure fun for those who know them well.

You’re not alone. Suddenly, someone is calling. Your friends have arrived to join you. Today, the most skilled player will be determined. You blow the dust in the cartridge, as tradition says. You insert it in the slot, distribute the controllers among your friends and let the magic begin. Does this scene bring good memories?

Playing an Arcade Sports Game - South Park

If the word cartridge doesn’t sound weird to you, you probably have grown in the 80s/90s surrounded by video games. However, there are few cooperative games, and it seems that people meet less than before to play some video games. Without any doubts, the online multiplayer features have contributed many positive things to the medium, but it’s also true that it’s not comparable to the feeling of playing with friends or family around your couch.

Arcade Sports Game - Super Tennis for SNES
Super Tennis for SNES

Who remembers those intense evenings playing some matches in Super Tennis, being the next boxing legend in Punch Out or dodging bullets in Metal Slug? A thousand hours of pure fun where you only needed a Leaderboard and a solid gameplay to keep you engaged to the screen.

Reliving the glory of the arcade

Although many of those games have become classics, the arcade experience hasn’t gone over. Nowadays, we can find more genres, more AAA productions and more innovative proposals thanks to the indies. However, creators like Locomalito or Dotemu are working to bring that experience back with a fresh and modern touch.

Windjammer 2, an arcade sports game by DotEmu
A new title from the classic franchise Windjammers by DotEmu

Nonetheless, besides all of those “modern arcades”, we’re still missing part of the experience. That one focused on the multiplayer in order to gather family and friends through the video game.

Spy Chameleon, an arcade stealth puzzle game
Spy Chameleon, an arcade stealth puzzle game

After Spy Chameleon’s release, we find ourselves in the situation about what do we do next. Without any doubts, we wanted to keep developing arcade experiences, while we grow as a studio. However, after taking a look at the current arcade games, we’re missing developments about the genre that in the old days were an exponent: sports games.

The Sports Games Genre today

Partially, we know why developers weren’t creating sports arcade games. The AAA hyperrealism tendency in games like FIFA, NHL or PES, where companies have the licenses of the major leagues and teams with their annual releases have provoked that few indies feel confident about venturing into the genre.

FIFA football sport game
Impressive, but still doesn’t feel like playing football

Even so, paradoxically, we realized that genre evolution, realistic games fail to represent the feeling of practising a sport in the real world despite trying to simulate it as faithfully as possible. In our opinion, when you play sports in the real world, everything happens very fast in your brain. The time that passes from you receiving the ball until pass it to the next player is just an instant. On the other hand, when you play on your ‘couch’, the time that passes between you make the decision to pass the ball, plus the time it takes to load the animation, and finally the time it takes to get the ball to the other player, it feels much higher.

However, when you ‘arcade’ the experience, you reduce time. By reducing all action to its simplest and immediate representation, you emulate better the experience in the real world. It’s that direct gameplay, reachable for everyone. That “easy to learn, hard to master”.

Developing Arcade Sports Games

Super Tennis Blast - Arcade Sports Game
Super Tennis Blast, inspired by arcade classics

That’s why we decided to make our bets and create sports arcade games like Super Volley Blast or Super Tennis Blast. Geared for local multiplayer that gather family and friends, no matter what type of player they are, to play together.

As Arcade games lovers, we would like to use our blog and Twitter profile to homage those classics that inspire us. We will post news and announcements about the studio, as well as promote games that impulse teamwork, plain fun and direct gameplay.

So, if you are a retro gamer like us, and you would like to bring back those old good times to share with your friends, stay tuned and follow us!


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