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14 January, 2014

Spy Chameleon: RGB Agent development diary

Yes! we are making our last efforts to finally complete the game and we wanted to let you know about that last part of the development.

In the last month we have added/changed quite a few things.
– Our chameleonic protagonist went shopping and bought some clothes. You can see him nude in our previous videos, but now is clothed as an elegant and professional burgl.. errr spy! Meet Snowdy, Edward Snowdy!

– In the game design part there have been some changes too. Two months ago those were 1-take some medals, 2-beat a time, 3-beat a lower time. The third was maybe too hard plus we didn’t like repeating the beat time mechanic. If you like the game and you like to beat times, you can do that without the need of a challenge. In fact, the game is prepared to do crazy speed runs in almost every level. So we decided to remove the “super speedrun” challenge and put relatively easy to pick flies, 10 per level. Also, the generic medals suffered an aesthetic change and mutated into ladybugs.

– Mouse support added. Previously was playable with keyboard but Spy Chameleon: RGB Agent is a game that is better played with analog direction. You can move at any direction with the mouse. However, the controller is the best choice for obvious reasons 😛

– The main theme of the game changed again. I will write a post about the music of the game, created by our friends at Oudu.es ^^

– We added credits. First we thought it wasn’t necessary, but we wanted to thank the people that helped us in any way to create the game.

Surely I’m missing some other features we recently added, and of course we have polished and tweaked every piece of the game and fixed a few bugs, but its a good summary of our recent work.

See you! stay tuned because very soon we will reach 100% 🙂

12 September, 2013

Welcome :)

Hi and welcome to the indie Unfinished Pixel blog! 😀

This is the place where you can…
– check out how the development of our games is going
– read about special features of the projects, from a design, technical or artistic point of view
– put your thoughts about what we are doing. We would love to hear your feedback 🙂
– learn about us, we love playing games and love to talk about them!

And the first thing we want to show you is a work in progress video of our upcoming game Spy Chameleon: RGB Agent. Please don’t think that playing as a chameleon or that cute graphics mean that this one is an easy game, you would be so wrong! Spy Chameleon is a game for skilled players who like stealth games and fast arcade controls, and completing it at 100% will be a task only achievable by classic hardcore gamers.
Hope you like it!