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12 September, 2013

Welcome :)

Hi and welcome to the indie Unfinished Pixel blog! 😀

This is the place where you can…
– check out how the development of our games is going
– read about special features of the projects, from a design, technical or artistic point of view
– put your thoughts about what we are doing. We would love to hear your feedback 🙂
– learn about us, we love playing games and love to talk about them!

And the first thing we want to show you is a work in progress video of our upcoming game Spy Chameleon: RGB Agent. Please don’t think that playing as a chameleon or that cute graphics mean that this one is an easy game, you would be so wrong! Spy Chameleon is a game for skilled players who like stealth games and fast arcade controls, and completing it at 100% will be a task only achievable by classic hardcore gamers.
Hope you like it!